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Dream House: Leviathan Review

By Sassy
Tue, 15 Oct 2013 12:30:41 +1100

Do you love Fiona Apple and Joni Mitchell? Or perhaps you’re a fan of all things 60’s – and enjoy a good folk song. Regardless of which best describes you, you are guaranteed to adore Dream House’s latest EP ‘Leviathan’. (Named for the multi-headed biblical sea serpent)

I was surprised when I noticed that the EP was in fact one thirteen minute track – separated into three entirely dissimilar arrangements. Upon noticing this I thought that I was in for something very long winded. However this was not the case, when the EP finished I was left wanting more and had to replay it!

It’s almost hard to describe what you’re in for when you listen to this ‘Leviathan’. It is a soothing blend of modern Folk rock with a hint of traditional tones throughout. The sound scapes are almost heavenly and Molly Murphy’s vocals almost border on country music-esque at times throughout. It’s quite unlike any folk rock I’ve ever heard.

It is obvious to see that the five band members collaborate incredibly well and have sincere musical abilities (both individually and as a group). The vocals throughout are harmonious and addictive to listen to.

‘Leviathan’ starts of perfectly solemn and mellow, with soft sounds and stunning vocals. Next expect some intransient, hypnotic tones and catchy precession. The guitars, bass and violin follow – seamlessly and almost without realisation manage to creep into the mix. It can only be described as surreal.

It is hard to decipher which of the three arrangements is my favourite. Needless to say I recommend listening to ‘Leviathan’ and deciding for yourself.

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