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Feelings: Be Kind, Unwind

By Sassy
Wed, 13 Nov 2013 10:03:53 +1100

We all know Simon ‘Berkfinger’ Berckelman from one of his previous endeavour however he is now making a bold come back to the Australian music scene with his latest diversion – Feelings.

Feelings is everything you’ve come to know and expect from Berkfinger. Bring on everyone’s favourite nerd and give us some wise lyrics and you know we’re all going to love it.

That’s exactly what he did with his latest release ‘Be Kind, Unwind’.

Although ‘Be Kind, Unwind’ is by all means a short album (only 27 minutes) the full lyrics and emotions that are jam packed into such a short time frame ensure that the album feels a lot longer.

Berkfinger has always been great with lyrics; they seem to come very naturally and even easily to him. Even when his lyrics are no longer up beat – the music always is. It helps to ensure the album stays a little bit light hearted and fun. It seems the more upbeat it remains the catchier it is.

‘Be Kind, Unwind’ is varied with both its song tempos and lyrical meanings. There is definitely a song for everyone to enjoy on this album. However his themes still seem to stick to that of girls and lost love. I would have loved to see a little bit more depth coming from him given the name ‘Feelings’. It would have been great to see him further explore the highs and lows that we all know he is capable expressing.

‘Be Kind, Unwind’s’ song to listen out for is title track ‘Square’. This track is particularly fun and energetic. It is one of the more poppy songs on the album and definitely stands out among the rest. It is increasingly catchy – each time you hear the song, you realise more and more just how much you actually do love it.

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